Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Videos coming soon and Randomness!

Hey guys! Excited because I am on a different shift at work this week, which gives me time to record videos! I've gotten a few goodies as of lately and finally have a little time to start cranking out my product review videos! 

On another note I was sitting on the boo's sofa yesterday watching one of my favorite youtubers/bloggers Tracyee from KISS and my boyfriend was in the bathroom cutting his hair. He heard her voice and yelled out 'Hey babe who are you watching...little bit?' LOL I just cracked up laughing because I watch youtube videos so much that he already knew who it was just from her voice. He called her little bit because he knows that she is short like me. I thought that was just too cute! Oh and speaking of my favorite youtubers/bloggers I've recently been inspired to try rollersetting again thanks to Jeni of JustGrowAlready. I'm so excited especially because as much as I enjoy airdrying I'm tired of frizzy ends so I'm taking matters into my own hands! 

Lastly I've gotten my first relaxer since my cut. My hair has grown out so nicely and although I'm not doing an official length check until January I'll post a picture of my current length for you guys to see! 

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