Tuesday, November 20, 2012

That's that stuff I don't like...Blogger Edition!

Well I've already done the youtube version of this tag so it's only right that I do the Hair Blogger's edition! Sending a big thank you to Sdestra for tagging all of her followers in this fun tag :)

  • I don't like when someone who is completed uneducated about healthy hair care tries to give me hair care advice. I'm all for advice, but this really irks me!
  • Extremely Expensive hair products. I'm all for splurging, but I just refuse spend $30 plus on a conditioner or serum. Thank God for Sally's GVP!
  •  I don't like when a favorite product is discontinued. I still haven't forgiven Herbal Essence for discontinueing the None of Your Frizziness moisturizer. My hair loved that stuff :(
  • I don't like when I am so excited to try a new product or styling method and it does nothing for my hair. Perfect example...my whipped shea butter mix fiasco. Left my hair greasy and my scalp itching for days!
  • I don't like when I am just dying to get my hands on a particular product and Sally's is completely out of it. Can you tell yet that I'm a Sally's girl :)
  • I don't like that I'm extremely shy about my healthy hair care obsession and don't share my passion with others. I'm slowly learning to get over this.
  • I DEFINITELY don't like setbacks! But then again what girl on a healthy hair journey does *sigh*
  • I don't like mineral oil or any product made with it. Mineral oil and my hair are like oil and water. THEY JUST DONT MIX!
  • I don't like when I log onto youtube and I don't have any  new videos to watch...I watch Youtube more than I watch regular TV!
  • I don't like when someone comes to me with a hair related issue. I give them advice only for them to not even attempt to listen and then come back fussing about it again a few weeks later -_-
I'm tagging any and everybody who reads this post and wants to participate! 


  1. We share a lot in common with these points. It's not surprising since some things are shared by all those on healthy hair journey.

    1. Yes...I think any one on a HHJ can relate!



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