Monday, January 7, 2013

Relaxer Update!!!!

Saturday I received my second relaxer since my cut in August. I absolutely LOVED the results. For those who may not know I get my hair professionally relaxed. I tried self relaxing and it just wasn't my thing (but kudos to you ladies who are doin it and doin it well!). My stylists uses the Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer System on my hair, which so far I am very happy with. I decided to get my hair flat ironed this time simply because I wanted something different. Also, I received my first trim/dusting since my cut. I can't believe it's been 5 months already! 

While I was sitting in my stylist's chair she told me that whatever I'd been doing to my hair in between visits was doing wonders because my hair was thriving! *insert ear to ear grin here* There's nothing like having others notice your hard work! I love my stylist because she does what you ask her to do NOT what she wants to do and she's all about healthy hair! We discussed my trim before she did it and even showed me exactly how much she would cut.  Overall I'm pleased with the results. Now I can't wait to compare my length check pictures. I'm not expecting a huge amount of growth because I've always been a slow grower anyway, but slow and steady can still win the race! 



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