Friday, May 3, 2013

April's Hair, Health, and Beauty Goals Recap

Hi guys!!! Sorry that My April Hair, Healthy, and Beauty goals post is a few days late...blame it on this lovely summer cold and 101F fever I had going on :/ But I'm finally starting to feel a bit better so here's how I did!
  1. Wash/Cowash hair at least once a week (possibly twice) if my hair needs it. I did a great job with this goal. Most weeks I managed to wash my hair twice that week. Not too shabby huh? 
  2. Continue doing tea rinses at least once a week. Because I do my tea rinses when I wash my hair I was able to do this with no problems. I know I've been promising to do a review on the tea that I'm using and I promise it's coming soon! Like next week soon :)
  3. Maintain my No Buy hair product challenge. Well I think it's safe to say that I FAILED at this goal, but I didn't fail miserably. I stocked up on my hair one because I'd run out and treated myself to the Eco styler argan oil gel, and set of clear jars for hair product storage, and a small set of perm rods. Overall I don't feel that I went overboard plus I managed an entire month of my NO BUY challenge before breaking it. I plan to re-start that challenge for May!
  4. Continue to nurture my Crown. Many of you know that I suffered some crown breakage during my last stretch and I have no one to blame but myself. So now I've been babying that area to make sure that it comes back stronger than ever! I've shocked myself at how moisturized I've managed to keep my crown. 
  5. Use up at least 1 hair product. Another goal that I met! I was able to use up the last bit of 2 products. Some Aloe vera jelly and matrix biolage (GVP) conditioner! 
  6. Use up at least half of my bottle of random oils. Unfortunately I did not realize how hard it is to used up a bottle of oils! I swear I've been giving myself a hot oil treatment with these oils before I deep condition every wash and I still haven't reached the halfway mark! Maybe next month :/
  7. Maintain my protein/Moisture balance (Moisture tues/wed & Protein Sat). Because I stayed on track with my washes I was able to stay on track with my protein/moisture regimen. Easy as pie! 
  8. Exercise atleast 4 days a week. I was able to maintain this goal better towards the end of the month. So this was a FAIL for this month.
  9. Lose 5 lbs! I'm super excited to say that I achieved this goal! I've been struggling with losing my Christmas weight simply because I wasn't focused, but I FINALLY got it together! Woohoo!

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