Monday, September 9, 2013

$2 Off of Essie Nail Polishes At Walgreens!

As of lately Walgreens has become one of my favorite stores for beauty items besides Target and of course my beloved Sally's! The reason why is because of the coupons! I recently discovered (thanks to the lovely sales attendant) that at the beauty check out counter there is normally a stash of coupons sent to them by the retailers for a certain amount of your purchases! On yesterday my honey and I stopped in Walgreens after church because he needed to pick up something so of course I used this as an excuse to roam through the hair and beauty isles and decided to stop and look at all of the Essie nail polishes. Honestly, I had no intention of purchasing them because I find them to be rather pricey, but while I was browsing the sales attendant came over and told me that she had Essie coupons for $2 off! Well I am my mother's child which means that savings, sales, and deals make my day so I selected two lovely colors (Play Date, which is pictured below and Chinchilly) for just $12. I would've paid $16 if it hadn't been for those coupons! So since I was blessed in savings I just had to share it with you all because let's face it...most ladies love a cute nail polish! I have no idea how long these coupons last so just make sure to check out at the beauty counter (the register that is normally accross from the beauty isle) and if the sales attendant doesn't mention it make sure you ask if they have any coupons!

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