Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pause!...Things I've Changed About My Hair Regimen

Spring is FINALLY upon us! For me that normally brings about a few changes to my hair regimen. Some things that work for me in the winter aren't necessary in the warmer months and some things...well they just aren't working at all! In addition to putting some techniques on hold I also brought back a few that my hair is totally digging right now!


  • Midweek Cowashes - Winter was ROUGH on my hair. The constant wind, snow, & below freezing temperatures left my hair always feeling thirsty! Between the harsh weather conditions and my daily dates with the gym I added midweek cowashes in addition to my weekly wash day to keep dryness and breakage at bay. Now that the weather is warming up and I've discovered an awesome conditioner that keeps my hair moisturized for longer I'm able to get away with 1 washday a week! However if I see where my hair needs that midweek cowash I will definitely add it back into my regimen 
  • Tea Rinses - Quite frankly I've tried to make tea rinses work for me, but I don't see where they do much for my hair and I hate the way they make my hair feel. Since this was a no go this was an easy step to eliminate from my washday. 
  • In/Out The Shower - For a while on every wash day I found myself hopping in and out of the shower 2-3 times. I soon realized that for me that's annoying and time consuming. By slightly rearranging the order of how I do things or just doing in between steps with my head over the sink or tub I was able to eliminate that. I'm LOVING it! 
  • Being a Mixologist With Conditioners - I used to really enjoy mixing oils and conditioners together to create a magic concoction for my hair. Currently I'm so not feeling it! Right now I enjoy conditioners that can be used on my hair with no add ins, but still give me great results! 
  • Deep Condition on Semi Damp Hair - Somewhere along the way I started DCing my hair after shampooing. I'm not sure why, but eventually it dawned on me that it's not only easier, but my hair responds better when I DC first on semi damp hair. 
  • Detangle Prior to DC - I used to do this and stopped because the detanglers that I was using would leave a yucky film on my hair. Well ever since I've discovered Mane N Tail I no longer have that problem. It melts my tangles like no other and makes my wash days so much easier. 
  • Messy Buns - As my hair continues to grow my messy buns keep getting better and bigger. The bonus is that it's a super easy low manipulation daily protective style. 
  • Weekend Hair Break - During the winter I was protective styling practically 100% of the time because between the wind and the harsh materials that winter clothing is made of it seemed best. However now that winter is gone I'm back to protective styling 5 days a week and enjoying the heck out of my hair on the weekend (usually with a dry flexi rod set or caruso steam rollers). I'm all for length retention, but a girl's gotta have a little fun too! 
Have any of you taken a pause on some things within your regimen? 

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  1. All the best with the new regimen. I also need to figure out how to stop hoping in and out of the shower! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes...eliminating the in & out of the shower made my wash days so much easier!

  2. These are some big changes. Tea rinses make my hair crunchy, that's why I apply my tea straight to my scalp and apply my deep conditioner to my hair before I rinse the tea out. I always wash my hair over the sink just because I hate going upstairs and do it in the shower.

    1. I normally only wash my hair in the sink if I'm doing a protein treatment!

  3. I'm with you on the mixology and the in & out of the shower! Ain't nobody got timmeee!

  4. In and out of the shower for me had to stop, that is the major change in my regimen. I also stopped prepooing but have started that again with coconut oil.
    There is a lot of changing that happens with the change in weather! Great post!

    1. I know! New seasons always bring about new changes! Thanks!

  5. I'm with you on the in and out of shower for sure. I also like DC's that work on its own without additions but when a product needs to be boosted i add the essentials. Looking forward to how your hair likes your changes.



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