Monday, November 3, 2014

Reigniting My Passion

While sitting in my stylist's chair staring into the mirror it was obvious to both her and myself that I have not been kind to my hair over the past few months. Again my ends were thinned out. I could blame it on some random product or the change in weather, but if I'm being honest with myself the damage was ALL my fault. I haphazardly moisturized and sealed my hair and when I did it wasn't in sections. Rarely protected my hair when lying around and without a doubt wasn't the gentlest when it came to detangling. Thankfully while my hair did suffer damage I'm grateful that I didn't lose any of the length I already had. After seeing the state of my hair it really reiginited my passion for healthy hair care and taking care of my hair to the best of my abilities. So what's my plan going forward?
  • Getting back to regularly doing wash day posts to keep myself accountable and because they are some of my favorite posts!
  • Moisturizing and sealing every day and oiling my scalp every other day at a miniumum.
  • Clarifying my scalp every 2 weeks to prevent product buildup
  • Airdrying until it's too cold
  • Purchasing a human hair wig to help with the weeks leading up to my relaxer 
  • Reducing the amount of manipulation with combs and brushes. I'm really trying to embrace the hair smoothing with my hands only life! 
Has anybody else fallen off the wagon a bit? If so what are planning to do to fix the situation?

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  1. Girl, I've fallen off the wagon more times than I care to admit! One thing that I've realized is that as long as you do the bare minimium for your hair---you'll usually be okay. For example, the chances of me moisturizing and sealing daily are slimmer than slim. So instead, I deep condition over night to up my moisture levels on washday then I aim to moisturize whenever I have to style again (typically every 2-3 days). Granted I haven't seen the length of my hair in million years, but so far so good.

    I think that once you start posting your wash days again---you'll be right back on track!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Yeah I've realized that I can moisturize and seal every other day and still be ok! It feels good to be back on I'm just preparing myself for winter!

  2. Wow, this was totally me. Its a good thing that you realized it as soon as you did and it seems you have a clear plan of how to correct everything. The only thing to do now is execute your plans and remain consistent (which is always hard for me)
    I recently purchased a wig and girrrrlll, if you can find a good one you will LOVE it. All you have to do is keep your own hair in braids, which makes moisturizing it and washing it so much easier and you will reduce breakage because you won't be manipulating your hair.

    1. I'm exicted to try wigs, but also kind of nervous since I've never worn one! Hopefully I like them!



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