Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weight Loss....Yes Its Hard...NO its not IMPOSSIBLE!

So here I sit...ready to write my first blog....and I of course had to pick the one THING that's always been there for me...FOOD. Let's be real a lot of people aren't excited about their weight and want to lose a little or a lot. Now first things first...YES ITS HARD! There is no easy way to losing weight. There's no secret pill, no magic button, no specific excercise machine that's just gonna transform you in 10 days! NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Weight gain is a lifestyle and so is weight loss. If you wanna lose weight you've got to change everything from your way of thinking as far as how you approach food. Im gonna give a few practical tips that have really helped me.

1. Don't deprive yourself! Everyone has a vice...something that they just have to have! My nemesis is sweets! I LOVE them and couldn't imagine cutting sweets out of my daily eating regimen just to lose weight. That's a quick way to relapse. SO...what do you do to incorporate one of your favorite foods that you just can't live without? For me, everyday I have one sweet treat that's 100 calories or less. My new favorite thing is the mini snickers and twix ice cream bars that are only 90 calories! It's like a little piece of heaven to me! I eat one everyday without an ounce of guilt...why? because its something that I love and Ive learned how to incorporate it into my diet and STILL lose weight!

2. You must have a support system. No I don't mean someone who's going to diet every step of the way with you. I mean a group of people who know your ultimate goals and are willing to help. Take for example my friends...they know Im on a diet...NONE of them are on one so they can pretty much eat whatever they want. Sometimes I have really bad cravings for random fattening food and I might get weak and ask them for a taste...they instantly say NO and remind me of the goal that Im trying to reach! Now some may think well gee that's mean that your friends eat whatever in front of you, but still tell you no. Well let me tell y'all nothing has more hidden calories than snacking. A taste of this and that does add up! And even though it's frustrating to witness my friends eating something that I can't have I appreciate that they understand and support my goal enough to keep me on track even when I don't wanna be! Which brings me to my next point....

3. Fight through your cravings! TRUST ME...whenever you're trying to lose weight you're going to have the WORST cravings....not because you're depriving yourself, but because mentally you know that you can't have it..and so your brain keeps nagging and pysching your stomach into thinking that you need it. On days like that do your best to stay on track. Chew gum, go to the gym, watch a movie. Just do something to get your mind off of food and before you know it the craving will be gone and you'll be so happy and proud of yourself for not giving In!

4. Don't keep it in the house! If you're one of those people who can't just put something in the freezer and forget about it...don't buy it! For example....my ultimate favorite candy to eat...Gummy snacks! If I buy the individual packs I'll eat have the box in one day. Do I crave them...YES, but even when I crave I know they're not in my house so I can't eat them! My fridge is stocked with fruits, veggies, meat, dairy and other healthy alternatives, but nothing that I know I just can't resist!

5. Allow yourself one cheat meal a week.....for one it gives you something to look forward to. Personally I choose to have my cheat meal on my weigh day. After I've weighed Im feeling fabulous because I've met my goal for the week and now I can relax a little.

Those are my simple tips that have helped me! I closing in on losing 10 lbs! And trust me...it's been hard. My ultimate goal is to lose 20 and tone up. I eat lots of veggies and grilled meats and work out 5 times a week. Everyday when I look in the mirror I can see my body slowly transforming before my eyes. And that is worth fighting through every craving, going to the gym when I just don't feel like it, and NOT giving up. If there is one thing that I CAN'T stress enough...DON'T GIVE UP! I've been trying to knock 20 lbs off my 5'1 frame for almost a year now and would always lose 2-3 lbs and relapse. I kept trying and I've FINALLY got something that's working for me :-) Trust me...if I can do it...YOU can TOO!

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