Thursday, June 24, 2010

Relaxed Vs. Natural Hair....One of the Greatest Debates...and my Secret Defense

So Im sitting here munching on a delicious quesadilla from my gym's cafe and wondering how in the world it's only 355 calories! The air conditioner is humming the background and some random ABC show is playing softly.

Now that I've set the mood I suppose I can get on with what Im really supposed to be writing about...Relaxed Vs. Natural hair! I know I know...everyone has an opinion about it. Some say natural hair is better because you can stay away from the creamy crack...yadda yadda yadda. But Im not here to debate which is better, healthier, or any of those other arguments. What I am here to discuss is the way some people from BOTH sides try to belittle women for their personal decisions. For example, some say women with natural hair just have nappy hair...and some who are naturals say that its because they embrace they inner beauty and have not conformed to what the white man wants. Taking all of that in stride my only wish is that we can uplift eachother regaurdless of the decision about our hair because at the end of the day you can be relaxed or natural and still have unhealthy hair. Ive seen dry thirsty brittle afros and Ive seen badly damaged broken relaxed hair. But let's be honest a relaxer technically can't 'destroy' your hair just like going natural can't magically make it healthy. Healthy hair of ANY type requires dedication and preparation!

So now that I've rambled ultimately the whole point of this blog is to say Ladies.....lets be supportive of eachother...whether we're relaxed, natural, texlaxed, transitioning....after all...everyone's trying to achieve one goal...HEALTHY HAIR!

Oh yeah...I almost forgot....Im a proud relaxed lady. Yes, Ive contemplated going natural, but ultimately I love my relaxed hair and Im happy with my decision. It is my wish that every woman can feel that exact way about theirs :-)

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