Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleep vs my hair!

Well my goal is to blog on a more regular basis about my hair and what has been working for it as of yet. The boo and I just got back from going out to eat and I was so sleepy, but decided I'd better go ahead and moisturize and seal my hair before I got too tired and regretted it later. I moisturized in sections with my garnier fructis smoothing milk and sealed with my proclaim natural 7 oil. Right now I am 2 weeks post, but I have noticed such a difference in my hair and the amount of breakage I've been seeing since I tweaked a few things in my regimen...I'll talk about that in a later blog. After moisturizing and sealing in sections I did the same thing to my nape and edges and followed up with about 2 drops of oil that I put just on my my hair feels like silk and I can sleep without feeling guilty about neglecting my hair!

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