Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things I've Learned throughout my hair journey

  1. Someone else's hair regimen will not necessarily work for me. When I first started I jumped on every long haired girls bandwagon and tried their products and was greatly disappointed when I wasn't left with hair that looked like their's.
  2. Every new hot product isn't going to magically make my hair grow!
  3. Every person's hair does not grow at the same rate. I've seen ladies who've gone from ear length to BSL in 2 years. In my personal journey that's not the case. I am going on year three and I have gone from ear length to almost a little past APL. I'm currently working on reaching BSL by December 2012.
  4. Concistency is key to any hair journey. I have not always been consistent in my hair journey and because of that my hair has suffered. I am currently doing my best to remain consistent. My hair has been thriving from that.
  5. Self relaxing is not for everyone. I tried it. All it left me with was breakage that I am still recovering from.
  6. If something works for you don't change it!

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