Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So I'm sitting here DCing my hair under the steamer and playing around on YouTube and I ran across a video with a lovely Brazilian chick I was reading the comments like I normally do on Youtube bc often times they are amusing and someone commented 'she's beautiful, but she's fat'. Now if you see this girl she's what most guys where I'm from would say is 'thick' She's in great shape...has hips and butt outta this world and still the first thing someone can see is that she's not a size 2. I think that's sad. Ultimately I think you should be whatever size makes you happy. I have and am still losing weight to meet a personal weight loss goal for myself..some people like that I'm losing weight some people don't, but I'm doing it for ME so otheir opinions dont matter! Ladies, we have got to learn to do things for us and ignore the negativity from others because at the end of the day we all know that someone will ALWAYS have something to say!

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