Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WI #3 Update

Ok ok so I've been away for a while again. This week I am working nights and it is kicking my butt! Not to mention I worked two 12hr shifts this past weekend. In the midst of that I totally forgot to give a weight loss update! Well I weighed in this past Friday and weighed in at 146.5!!!! That's right I lost 3 lbs this past week! So now I am only 3.5 lbs away from goal! I've pretty much been doing the same thing...eating lots of chicken and fish...very little red meat and plenty of veggies and fruit. I've also cut out many processed snacks and have been sticking to only water. I've had to become extra strict with my food choices lately, simply because it seems like the closer I get to goal the more my body is trying to hold onto to this last little bit of weight and I'm not having that! Stay tuned for the next WI update!

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