Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Set Back Blues

You know I think the worst thing about having a set back with your hair is waiting for it to grow out! From trying to self relax after braids I've suffered severe breakage in the crown of my head and everytime I look at it I could just scream! I mean don't get me wrong it has gotten better and I am slowly cutting away the damaged thin hair from that area so it can have a fresh start, but when I think about where my hair was it drives me nuts. Truthfully it will probably take my hair another year to recover to the point where it really blends in and has caught up somewhat in length with the rest of my hair. They say every girl has one in their hair journey, but I never thought it would be me! For the first time I've been pretty consistent with my hair regimen. I wash and DC twice a week and I'm adding in light protein at least once a week so I won't suffer from moisture overload. I'm just going to pray for patience and for my hair!

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