Monday, April 16, 2012

Taking Control of my Hair!

Ok so as I discussed in my last post I've been dealing with crown breakage....It occurred while I attempted self-relaxing after taking out braids and not detangling properly...YIKES! I know! So Just looking at those scraggly ends and thinned out area of hair was driving me nuts so I decided to take control today by cutting the last of my thinned out jagged ends from the crown of my hair. It's a rather blunt cut, but it allows me to see the health of my hair in that area and how my hair is slowly, but surely making a comeback! It is also allowing me to realy be able to pamper that area because it stands out to me. That area of my head is about 4 inches long. I am not doing an all over cut nor am I going to keep my hair cut one length in order for it to catch up. I am going to do an over all trim of my ends so they will be fresh and then I will not trim again until December. Once I reach full BSL I will keep my hair trimmed at that length until my hair catches up! Cutting those scraggly ends just made me feel so free! It also inspired me to try a braidout..we'll see how that goes! 

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