Friday, August 17, 2012

Where Have I Been?!?

I know I know....I've been gone for quite a while now. 1 day turned into 1 month and voila before I knew it we were half way through the month of August! I've officially made my goal weight and now fluctuate lovingly between 143 and 147. Working on getting back closer to 143! I think one of the main reasons I have been away is because I have been fighting a losing battle with my hair. A while back I got braids and attempted to wash them after I took the braids out. Well my hair matted and I had severe breakage around the crown of my head and around the back of my head. Needless to say I've been trying to do consistent trims to get rid of the damage and have finally come to terms with the fact that I need professional help so tomorrow I am going to get a professional cut/trim. I know that I need to get rid of at least 4 inches of hair (I cringe everytime I say it out loud), but it must go. I am only willing to let go of that much for right now. I will do another trim in October if it's necessary. But I am SICK and TIRED of looking at this damaged hair when I know how healthy my hair used to be and how healthy it can be again. It's time to LET IT GO. So if that means chopping off 4 inches as nervous as I am...I'm ready to let it go!

So this brings me to my next point. My future hair goals....I would love to say that I'll be BSL in a year...but it probably won't happen, but I do know that that is my long term goal. So my short term goal is to reach healthy full APL by August of next year and Full BSL by August of the following year. That seems doable and since I've learned how to take care of my hair in between relaxers once I let go of this damage that seems achievable.

I'm nervous about this cut, but I'm also so excited to get rid of the damage and have healthy hair again! I'll make sure to post pics and let y'all know how my salon experience goes :)

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