Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Orly Nail Polish Vs Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Polish

So as some of you may know I've been a huge fan of the Wet N Wild Mega Last nail polish for quite some time now, but since Sally's was having a sale where if you spent $3 you'd get a free bottle of Orly this was the perfect time to try out a different brand. Truth be told I've wanted to try out the Orly nail polish for quite some time, but shied away because of the price. So now that I've tried the Orly brand I thought what better time to do a comparison!

PRICE and AVAILABILITY: For me price is always a big deal...especially for something that I'm obsessed with buying (nail polish, conditioners, etc)

Orly Brand: Orly nail polish can be found at your local Sally's Beauty Supply or Ulta for around $7-$8 (sometimes you can catch Orly on sale for $5-$6)

Wet N Wild Megalast Brand: Wet N Wild nail polish can be found at both Walgreens and CVS for $1.99

Winner: I think it's obvious that Wet N Wild wins this round. You can't beat paying $1.99 for nail polish!


Orly Brand: 1 Gazillion!

Wet N Wild Brand: 18

Winner: No seriously, Orly clearly wins this round because they have a TON of color choices and as a girl who loves to change up my nail color who can resist that!

LOOK: As you can see from the pictures both the Orly (left) and Wet N Wild (Right) polishes look great on and with a proper base coat and top coat the shine is unbelievable!


Winner: In my opinion both brands are the winner of this round. You can't go wrong with either polish when it comes to the look!

DURABILITY: Now to me this is the most important round simply because once I polish my nails I expect to get a full 7 days of wear out of it! My schedule just doesn't allow me the time to redo my nails multiple times a week. Please note that I used the exact same products (top coat and base coat) for both brands.

Orly Brand: The first 3 days of wearing the polish were pure bliss, however around day 4 or 5 I started noticing major chipping and flaking of the polish. I'm used to the polish wearing off a little bit, but the Orly brand chipped in a MAJOR way. Now in Orly's defense, I don't take it easy on my nails (my nails  are natural by the way). Anything I want to do and/or need to do I will do. This includes washing my hair, dishes, cleaning, various activities at my job, etc. The interesting this about this is that if you notice on my fourth finger I used a China glaze crackle polish over the orly. This polish on these two fingers never chipped. I may decide to give china glaze a chance in the future :)

Wet N Wild Brand: I normally get a full 7 days of wear out of the Wet N Wild brand. Of course as the days go by the color fades a little around the edges, but I've never noticed any major chipping or flaking.

Winner: For me Wet N Wild definitely wins this round. I love that I can get 6-7 days of wear from this polish.

OVERALL WINNER: I really wanted to like the Orly brand especially since it has such a wide variety of colors, but between the price and lack of durability I just can't see myself shelling out around $8 for a polish that only lasts 3-4 days be fore I need a polish change! Overall Wet N Wild is my favorite out of the two brands because at $2 a bottle for a polish that goes on smoothly and lasts a full seven days...well to put it simply 'You can't beat that with a stick!' Lol please excuse my country quote, but you get my point!

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