Sunday, March 17, 2013

Detangling for Relaxer Day

On Friday I faced the dreaded task of detangling my hair in preperations for my relaxer. I normally don't dread this process, but I had sooooo much new growth you could just get lost in it y'all! Also, as of lately my hair was super sahara desert dry thirsty. Add all of that up and what I had was a dry matted mess. I knew that detangling was going to be a very long process if I wanted to keep any hair on my head! Here's what my hair looked like before I got started...

I parted my hair into two halves pinning one half up while I delt with the other. Then starting at the very back I parted my hair into very small sections. I then spritzed the new growth in that section with my silken childs detangler. Next I coated the section with coconut oil and followed up with my giovanni direct leave in. After applying the products I slowly detangled the section from tip to root.

I loved the results and I know my hair stylists thanked her lucky stars that I detangled the thickness that had taken over my head so everybody won in this situation!

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