Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hair Product No Buy Challenge!

Well after letting my old product junkie ways get the best of me lately I've decided to challenge myself to a 2-3 month no buy challenge! The main goals that I hope to achieve while pariticipating in this challenge is to save a little money (which I graciously plan to put towards my spring shopping!) and to use up some of the products that are in my stash. Now don't get me wrong my product stash and product junkie ways have come a long way, but I can do better. I'm excited to see just how many products I can use up during my no buy challenge! Also, to make sure I am 'armed' and ready for the challenge I recently purchased a brand new jar of both my staple moisturizing and protein deep conditioners. I'm actually excited to see how this goes and may even do an update post at the end of the challenge. We shall see...feel free to join me!

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