Friday, July 5, 2013

Relaxer Preparation!

So tomorrow is relaxer day for me and let me just say that I am so excited! My new growth has been doing it's own thing and it is time for it to be tamed!

In order to prepare for my relaxer I deep conditioned my hair on Wednesday evening with my Silk Elements Kera Minerals DC. Out of pure laziness that's the only thing I did (no cleansing conditioner or anything!). After that I allowed my hair to air dry and then applied my usually leave ins. I like to wash my hair about 3-4 days prior to my relaxer because it really helps to soften my new growth which in turn makes my detangling session A LOT easier on me. Since then I've been rocking buns.

On tonight I pulled out my handy Silken childs detangling spray and began the daunting task of detangling my new growth. The last time I received my relaxer I skipped doing this and my scalp was not too happy with me! I started with the very back section of my hair and spritzed my detangling spray on my new growth only. Next I gently massaged it into my new growth and then proceeded to detangle using the orange wide tooth rat tail comb pictured below. After detangling my new growth I then detangled the length of my hair using my hercules Sagemann seamless comb followed by a random seamless comb that I have in my stash. I repeated these steps until I reached the top part of my hair. Fast forward an hour later and I finally finished. Last I parted my hair into two sections and moisturized with my Giovanni Direct Leave In conditioner and sealed with coconut oil.

As much as I did want to go through my usual relaxer preparation steps I know my hair and my stylist will thank me tomorrow :)

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