Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hair Ramblings...

I'm having a I feel like I'm not making any progress moment even though my progress pictures clearly show otherwise! I want my hair to be long right now! To help soothe some of these crazy thoughts I've decided to rock a set of box braids towards the end of September (or maybe earlier)! I'm really excited because I've always been a braids wearer, but when I moved I didn't have my trusted braider and I did not have good experiences with the braiders in my area. Finally my coworker found a lovely older lady who braids gently without using gel and moisturizes each section of hair before installing the braids. I swear the heavens opened up when my coworker told me this! I was still reluctant to get braids until I saw how her hair did after she removed her set. Her grew beautifully and that was all the convincing I needed! Plus I need a break! I know that keeping your hair healthy while rocking braids requires some maintenance, but not nearly as much as I normally have to do. I've come up with a plan to prevent a setback like I experienced before (my nightmare detangling session...). I will get my box braids installed once I am 3 weeks post and will only keep them in for a total of 8 weeks. I will keep my scalp clean and moisturized along with the length of my hair. When I remove the braids I will detangle each section of hair thoroughly and deep condition my hair in 4 sections. I will NOT even attempt to detangle my hair while it is wet! I'm looking forward to blogging and vlogging about braid maintenance, etc once I get my install.

I know you guys are probably like it's June...why is she worried about something that's not happening until September?! I believe in planning early :)


  1. She sounds like a good, healthy hair conscious braider, definitely a good find! Yours is the 3rd post I've read today on braids, I've been contemplating getting braids so I feel like this is a sign haha. It sounds like you have a great plan. There's nothing wrong with planning early, as the saying goes, you're planning to succeed!

    1. Thanks! And yes braids seems like the perfect low manipulation style to give yourself a break! I can't wait!



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