Saturday, August 31, 2013

How To Maintain An Organized Closet!

Ok so I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with hair or beauty, but in the spirit of the Labor Day holiday I thought I'd share how I keep my closet organized especially when adding new pieces to it. I'm a huge holiday shopper! I love a great deal and normally during holidays retailers really up the discounts and coupons. After shopping until I dropped today I came home and looked at all of my bags and then looked at my closet and began to think of where I was going to put what, etc. Please note that I am OCD so love organization including organizing my clothing by color, but I digress. The golden rule that I try to follow when adding new clothing items to my closet is to try and find pieces that I am ready to donate to Goodwill to offset the items being added. This is a great way to not only give back, but to also keep from having a closet that is stuffed to capacity with items that you may not or haven't worn for months if not years! I guarantee that if you look hard enough you will find at least one clothing item that you can gift to someone else. The rule that I follow when deciding if it is time to donate something is if I haven't worn it in months/years (excluding if it's out of season of course) then it's time to let it go! The beauty of this process is that in addition to maintaining an organized closet it also provides me with a way to give back and hopefully be a blessing to someone else. Oh and by the way JC Penney and Express are having fabulous Labor Day sales so if you're a fan of either please make your way there by September 2nd! I promise you won't be disappointed.

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