Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Experience With The LOC Method

In the past few months I've read quite a few blog posts about the L.O.C method, which honestly before that I had never heard of before. The basis of this method is to apply a liquid (many use water) and follow up with an oil to lock in the moisture and then apply a cream to seal everything in. This method is used by many in the natural hair community, which may be why I wasn't quite as familiar with this method for a while. However as of lately I've seen more and more relaxed/texlaxed ladies giving this mehtod a try.

When washing my hair on yesterday the L.O.C method popped into my head as something that I should try. I've recently added the CHI Keratin Mist to my leave in regimen and thought that this may be the perfect time to try this method. In the past I normally would apply my CHI Keratin Mist followed by my Kimmaytube leave mix and then my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I decided to switch things up and use the CHI Keratin Mist as my liquid, the Paul Mitchell super skinny serum as my oil, and my kimmaytube leave in as my cream.

My hair air dried so soft and fluffy and felt very moisturized. Sometimes when I air dry my hair it takes an extra boost of my Giovanni Direct leave in before my  hair feels 'normal'. However by using the LOC method I found that I didn't need any added moisture (even though I did moisturize out of habbit not necessity). Overall I was very pleased with my results and plan to use this method a bit more to see if I consistently get the same results. I plan to do an updated post once I test this method out for a bit longer.


  1. Nice post! I've switched to LOC'n too. It totally makes a difference after co-washing!

    1. Yes! It is definitely a game changer!



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