Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why You Should Take Pictures During Your Hair Journey

I can not stress how important it is to take pictures throughout your hair journey! For myself personally I've benefited so much from my progress pictures. Sometimes I get a little discouraged and feel like my hair isn't growing and looks like it's been the same length since the day I started, but when I start looking at older pictures I realize how wrong I really am. You guys may remember a few weeks ago that I was feeling exactly like that (See post here). Well during my last wash day I decided to blow dry my hair and since I'm a picture happy girl who's always snapping a picture of something I decided to snap a few pictures of my hair mainly for blogging purposes, but I swear I was blown away when I actually looked at the pictures and compared them to pictures from just a few months ago. I feel like this was the little push that I needed to renew my hair journey motivation. So when you're feeling a bit down and see other bloggers and youtubers and think 'my hair will never be that long' pull out those comparison pictures so you can prove those negative thoughts wrong!


  1. Amen! Sometimes you need to do just that to get yourself out of a hair funk.

  2. I hate taking pictures but I understand why it is so important in my journey. I always promise myself to take more pictures, I need to stop breaking that promise.

    1. Yes it is so important! It will really help you to see that your hard work is paying off!



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