Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Washday | Same Ol Same Ol

Unfortunately this week I don't have any pictures of voluminous curls to show you because I did not wear my hair down one day. The in laws were in town so I spent the week spending time with them and this past weekend was spent running errands and being completely lazy. It was awesome! Needless to say between all of that I wasn't left with my enthusiasm for styling my hair so I just rocked a bun jazzed up with a bang and kept it moving! Here's how my super late washday went:

  • Rinsed my hair with warm water for a few minutes and proceeded to shampoo with my Keracare Hydrating Detangling Sulfate Free Shampoo.
  • Rinsed and shampooed a second time to ensure that I had no product buildup left.
  • Used my turbie twist for about 25 minutes to soak up most of the excess water.
  • Deep conditioned with my Keracare Humecto conditioner on the length of my hair and Giovanni GPB conditioner on my ends (I found a sample packet that I'd never used!) for about 25 minutes.
  • Rinsed and applied a small amount of the generic version of the Matrix Biolage detangling conditioner.
  • T-shirt dried my hair for about 30 minutes.
  • Detangled with my Mane N Tail and applied my leave ins using the LCO method (Chi Keratin Mist, Kimmaytube Leave In Mix, GVP Smoothing Serum).
  • Blow dried my hair on cool until my hair was about 80% dry.
  • Moisturized and sealed using my beloved Giovanni direct leave in and coconut oil and applied JBCO to my scalp.
Style: A bun jazzed up with a bang (I promise to take pictures next time!).

Thoughts: I think I'm going to go back to detangling my hair prior to shampooing. I've only switched up my detangling routine recently because I'm only 2 weeks post relaxer, however because I don't really 'comb' my hair during the week I don't want to create a detangling nightmare as I get further along in my stretch! Also, as of lately I've been on a kick of using protein conditioners on my ends to minimize breakage and ensure strength. This week I will be doing a full protein treatment though just to be safe! Lastly, I've seriously been loving my hair since I got my bangs back and trimmed away those thin ends that appeared. Because my hair is layered I feel like that extra trim has given my hair a chance to catch up and I swear my hair feels thicker!

How was your washday?

The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Yes a good trim will make your hair feel great, I am so happy I got my trim last month!

    1. Yes! Ever since I got my trim I feel like a new woman!

  2. I have to pre-detangle before my wash day if not all hell will break loose. Mane n Tail is also a staple with me.

    1. Yes that's why I'm planning to switch back to detangling before washing...That's just a setback waiting to happen for me!

    2. I'm with Tomi! Pre-shampoo detangling rocks! I regret it every SINGLE time that I don't. That's really smart thinking---prevention is worth a pound of cure

      Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

      KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. Getting rid of thin ends just makes me fall in love with my hair all over again. I really like this picture. Tyra would be proud

    1. That's what it did for me. I truly fell in love with my hair again! Awww why thank you!



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