Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Goals for 2013!

Ok so I figured if I wanted to do this post I'd better have it out before January's over! I actually made a list of my goals both hair related and non-hair related back in December and just never got around to actually posting them, but hey better late then never right?

Since healthy hair is a serious passion of mine let's start off with that.
  • Reach APL by August 2013
  • Maintain My Healthy Ends
  • Continue being consistent with my hair regimen
  • Use up some of the products in my arsenal before I go purchase any more
My Fitness and Health Goals: 
  • Get back to tracking (I'm a weight watchers girl!)
  • Tone my arms, stomach, and thighs
  • Consistently work out 4-5 days a week
  • Lose my holiday weight (actively working on that now!)
My Cleaning/Organization Goals: 
  • Clean my bedroom dresser off
  • Go through my summer clothes and give away pieces to goodwill
My 2013 Wishlist: 
  • Shower Caddy. I'm tired of having shower items sitting around my tub!
  • 5 Hair Archetypes book by Ms. Kibibi
  • Pebco Hair Dryer
  • Resident Evil for my Wii 
This about sums up my goals for 2013. What goals have you set for the new year?

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