Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Weekend's Wash Day and Hair Style

My original plan was to wash and rollerset my hair this weekend, but after working a week of night shift and being just downright exhausted rollersetting went right out the window. Ultimately I opted to wash and and semi air dry my hair. Here's what I did.
  • I deep conditioned with my Silk Element Kera Minerals Smoothing Deep conditioner on damp hair. You can check out my review here.
  • Next I rinsed out my DC and applied my hair one. I massaged the hair one into my scalp and let it sit for about a minute and then rinsed it out. 
  • After this I applied my GVP version the matrix biolage conditioning balm. This stuff is a great rinse out conditioner and detangler for my hair. I let the conditioning balm sit on my hair while I showered and then detangled and rinsed while in the shower. 
  • I wrapped my hair in my turbie twist for about 10 minutes to soak up some of the excess water and then applied my leave ins (kimmaytube leave in mix with a twist and Chi Silk Infusion). 
  • After applying my leave ins I sat under my Gold N Hot bonnet dryer for about 1.5 hours and alternated between the cool and hot heat setting to dry my hair.
That about sums up my wash day! However, after my hair was done drying I decided to try out this pin curl bantu knot out combination hair style that I saw on Evelyn Thomas' youtube page. I loved my results...especially since my last bantu knot out was a disaster! I'm considering this a protective style since my hair isn't quite where I want it to be to make a big juicy bun and my ends did not come into contact with my clothing or anything else! However, this is at least a low manipulation hair style that would be great for the spring and summer months! Here's a picture of my results...

It really came together after the curls fell. Next time I will do more individual pin curls to give it a fuller look! 

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