Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This Weekend's Wash Day!

So this past weekend's wash day was all about change. I decided to try a couple of different things for my wash day and for the most part I was pleased. This weekend was my protein wash day. Here's what I did...

  • I applied coconut oil to my scalp and deep conditioned on dry hair with my kerapro DC, but this time I added some random oils I had lying around in my arsenal along with some glycerin and tea tree oil. I noticed a huge difference in the way the conditioner left my hair feeling just by adding those few ingredients! 
  • Next I rinsed and then applied my beloved hair one focusing on my scalp. I don't know if I'll ever leave that stuff alone :). I let the hair one sit on my hair for about a minute and then rinsed. 
  • I applied my GVP matrix biolage conditioning balm and detangled in the shower with this. This is still a great rinse out conditioner in my opinion. One of these days I'll have to try it as a cowashing conditioner (when my schedule permits). 
  • After this I applied my normal leave ins which consisted of my kimmaytube leave in mix with a twist and a dime sized amount of the chi silk infusion. I also ran across my aphogee green tea keratin mist and decided to give it a try. I'd tried it previously and hated it, but I was also trying 50 other things at the time so I really don't know if I hated it or not. I sprayed a liberal amount on my scalp/new growth and some on my ends.
  • Once this was done I sat under my dryer (using mainly the cool setting) and dried my hair.
  • After my hair was done drying I moisturized with my giovanni direct leave in and sealed with coconut oil
Overall I was very pleased with my wash day results, however I don't believe I will use the aphogee green tea keratin mist on my ends any more. They were left feeling a bit more rough and dry than I'm used to. Other than that I believe I may add the aphogee green tea keratin mist to my daily wash day. I'll keep an eye out to see if it helps with shedding and this gives me a way to use up the product! 

Here's a picture of my air dried hair...

For church I decided to pin curl my hair and pin it up. This is a great protective style for those who may not be quite able to bun yet! 

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