Saturday, December 14, 2013

15 Minute Flexi Rod Set!

Have you ever had somewhere to go and wanted a different hairstyle besides the traditional bun? Well that was definitely me on Friday! I had an Ugly Christmas Sweater party to attend and had been toying with different hairstyles all day. Finally I decided to do a flexi rod set on dry hair. Now with only 3 hours to spare between styling my hair and having to be at the party I was a bit nervous because well it kinda takes all of the fun out of a party when you HATE your hair! Here's what I did...
  • I parted my hair using a comb and then sectioned my hair into four sections using my FINGERS (this is important because it allows you to style your flexi rod set with less manipulation, which means less frizz!)
  • I then spritzed my section of hair with a mixture of water and aloe vera juice. I used just enough to get my hair slightly damp.
  • Dusted off and applied approximately 1 pump of my lotta body foaming wrap lotion (to give my hair a slight hold) for each section.
  • Next I rolled my hair using 4 flexi rods per section for a total of 16 rods.
  • After this I sat under my hooded dryer for about 25 minutes to help my hair to set and to remove any dampness that may have remained. 
That's all I did! After sitting under the dryer I left the flexi rods in until about 40 minutes before it was time for me to head out the door. I gently removed each flexi rod and then using a bit of my Macadamia  Natural Healing oil separated my curls. Here's what my curls looked like before I began separating them.

I was quite impressed with how nice my set turned out considering I left the rollers in for about 2.5 hours max! I spritzed just a bit of my Mizani Humidity Resistant Mist to help give my hair an extra bit of hold in the elements and was out the door. Over all I was totally pleased with my results even though one small section didn't curl the way I wanted it too. I'm you guys see that one loose curl lurking around in the pictures, but for a 15 minute flexi rod set I wasn't mad one bit! 

Of course I had to include a few pictures from the Ugly Christmas Sweater party! And yes Rudolph's nose lights up! 

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  1. If I could get a 15 minute flexi-rod set like this---my rods wouldn't have so much dust on them!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. lol...thank you! I was so nervous about how it would turn out!

  2. I totally agree with KLP about the flexi rods. Your hair looked perfect.

  3. Your hair turned out great! Those sweaters

    1. Thank you! lol...yeah the honey and I had a blast making our sweaters!



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