Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hair Porosity Test

Many of those in the hair world have heard about the Hair Porosity test as well as what Low Porosity vs High Porosity means for your hair. I'll admit that while I have heard a lot about porosity I personally did not know what it means for my head of hair! While enjoying a lazy post Thanksgiving Saturday and doing a little reading on I was inspired to give the hair porosity test a try!

How do I Perform the Low Porosity Test? I went into my kitchen to grab a small glass and filled it with tap water. After running my fingers through my hair I found about 3 shed hairs, which i dropped into the water and then set my timer for 3 minutes. After the 3 minutes were up I looked into the glass to see that my hair was still floating at the top, which means that I have low porosity hair.

What does having Low Porosity hair mean? Basically it means that my hair is resistant to moisture...there's a shocker! Ultimately because I 'suffer' from low porosity hair many products may 'sit' on my hair instead of absorbing into my hair. From various articles and forums I've noticed a trend that hot oil treatments, DCing with heat, and use moisturizing products and/or humectants. Some also recommend minimal protein treatments.

Will this information effect my regimen? The short answer to that question is not really. Most of the information and tips that I've read about low porosity hair I've actually already learned throughout my hair journey! Knowing this earlier in my hair journey probably would've reduced the dry hair struggles I went through. However now I deep condition regularly and normally throw in a mid week cowash because my hair tends to be on the dryer side and doesn't hold moisture quite as long. I've also found my holy grail moisturizer that keeps my hair soft and supple (Giovanni Direct Leave In). The one thing that I did learn is that Roux Porosity Control isn't really a product that's made for my hair as it is intended for high porosity hair, which would explain why I've never noticed a true difference in my hair since using the bottle that I have at home. Even though minimal protein treatments are recommended by some I will continue my 1x/month protein treatments because I firmly believe that all hair needs protein as some point and too much of anything include moisture can be bad!

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  1. This is definitely a good thing to know. I have done this test before and found that my hair just floated half way in the glass but other strands didnt sink much. But just like you my regimen did not change much.

    1. Yes it's definitely great only regret is that I didn't do this sooner in my hair journey...I would've avoided a lot of trial and error!



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