Saturday, January 11, 2014

Traveling In Style!

Between traveling home for Christmas and a recent business trip I've had the opportunity to rock some fun low manipulation and/or protective styles. As many of you know one of my hair resolutions for 2014 was to become more creative with my protective styles and I think I'm off to a great start so far! The great thing about these styles is that it allows you to still rock a cute hair style while protecting your hair as much as possible.

Low Manipulation Styles:

Flexi Rods On Rollerset Hair: Before leaving for Christmas I stopped by the salon to get a rollerset. I love how it makes my ends super smooth and allows me to really show off my length. Unfortunately I just don't have that 'unwrap and Go' kind of hair. Instead of dwelling on that I decided to throw a couple of flexi rods in my hair and rock it that way for my first few days home. I absolutely loved it. To jazz things up a bit I threw a cute flower in.

Perm Rod Curly Updo: On a whim during last weekend's wash day I decided to create a cute curly updo inspired by an instagram picture. Using a headband comb and a few perm rod I was able to achieve beautiful curls and loved the style so much that I decided to rock it on a recent business trip. I loved the ease of this style. Can you say low maintenance?!

Protective Styles:

Curly High Crown Bun: While away on business last week my style of choice was my perm rod curly updo, however after a few days the cold, wind, and rain started to get the best of my updo so I decided to remix my style by creating a curly high crown bun. To achieve this style I swirled my curls in a circular motion and used bobbi pins to secure my hair.

Low Bun Twist: While enjoying my time away with family during the Christmas holiday I chose 'no fuss' hairstyles that I could rock for a few days before having to restyle. One of those styles was my low bun twist. I took a section of Kanekalon braid hair and did a jumbo two strand twist making sure to entwine my hair and secured it with bobbi pins. I added a side part to make things a little more interesting.  

Twisted Donut: This is another style that I rocked while away during Christmas. I gathered my hair into a ponytail in the center of my head. Using my beloved kanekalon braid hair I created two separate two strand twists and twirled each in a circular motion until I created a donut bun of my liking and of course I secured it with bobbi pins!

Each of these styles were fairly simple to create and allowed me to look cute while protecting my hair as much as possible. I used my homemade moisture mist to keep my tresses moisturized and soft. I plan to rock a lot more styles like this until winter is over because this cold dry weather is doing the most and my tresses and I do not have time for that!

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  1. I love this blue on you. It brings your eyes out.

    1. Thank you! Colored eyeliner has become a recent obsession of mine :)

  2. Love yoyr hairdos! Put up a tutorial for the perm rod curly updo!

    1. Thank you! The next time I recreate the hairstyle I definitely will!

  3. Those are some cute styles Courtnea!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist



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