Friday, April 19, 2013

Wednesday's Wash Day!

Another Wednesday another washday! As most of you know my wash day routine has not changed much recently well because it works! My wash days on Wednesday are all about moisture.

1. I parted my hair into 4 sections. I find this is the best way to deal with my hair on wash days.
2. After sectioning my hair I applied a mixture of random oils to each section. The mixture is random because I am working on using up some of my products.
3. I sat under my Gold N Hot conditioning cap for 10 minutes and the gently detangled each section with my shower comb.
4. I spritzed my CC's Marshmallow and Burdock root tea to each section (review coming soon).

5. I applied a mixture of my Silk Dreams Vanilla silk DC, silk elements kera minerals DC, and a squirt of roux porosity control to each section of hair and then sat back under my heating cap for another 15 minutes.

6. After thoroughly rinsing the conditioner out I applied hair one to my scalp as well as the length of my hair and allowed it to sit for about 5 minutes while I showered.
7. After a final rinse I squeezed out any excess water and then wrapped my hair in my turbie twist (that thing is a God send!). I usually leave my hair in the turbie twist for 30-45 minutes while I do random chores around the house. I find that by allowing my hair to dry until its just damp my leave ins can penetrate my hair better which gives me more soft and moisturized hair as a result!
8. After removing my turbie twist I applied about a quarter sized amount of my kimmaytube leave in with a twist and about a dime sized amount of my Paul Mitchell skinny serum (Sally's generic version)
9. Usually I'll sit under the dryer on cool setting for about 40 minutes but I really didn't feel like being bothered with it so I just tied a satin strip around my edges and let my hair air dry. I was left with soft supple moisturized hair!


  1. Great Post. How long have you been using the CC root tea?

    1. Thanks! I've been using the tea for about a month and a half. I should have a review up within the next 2 weeks or so!



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