Monday, January 6, 2014

December Goals Recap & January Goals

  1. Do an egg protein treatment-Done (You can read about my results here)! As some of you may recall I loved the results so much that this is now apart of my regimen!
  2. Exercise at least 5 days a week leading up to Christmas. (I want to be in tip top shape for my trip home!).-I did pretty good with this goal although I did not workout 5 days a week. Due to my regular workouts I got a ton of 'skinny' compliments when I went home. Score!
  3. Try the Inversion Method for a week. After reading tons of information on this I've decided to give it a try. I'm interested to see what my results will be!-Well I started this, but never finished the full week. I'll try again in January.
  4. Finish my Christmas shopping by December 14th. I'm about halfway there!-Done! I finished early. I HATE shopping last minute during the holidays.
  5. Apply JBCO to my edges daily. They are a bit sparse from my braid install, but I'm determined to help them make a full comeback!-I didn't quite get to do this everyday, but I applied it regularly and I'm starting to see my edges thicken up a bit!  
  6. Use up at least 1 hair product!-Again I almost got there, but due to the fact that I traveled during the last part of December I only took products that I needed. Here's to January though!
January Goals:
  1. Apply JBCO to my edges and scalp at least every other day. (I'm on a mission for thicker edges in 2014!)
  2. Protective style for my life! (January is usually a cold and windy month here on the east coast so my ends will protected at all times.) 
  3. Record at least one protective style hair tutorial
  4. Do the inversion method for one week.
  5. Use up at least 1 product. (Honestly I'm pushing for 2 so we'll see)
  6. Start back with my weight training. (I'm slowly falling in love with strength training!)
  7. Eat out less and eat in more. (It's time for me to put some of those yummy pinterest recipes to good use!)

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  1. Hi Courtnea, I just wanted to thank you for hosting the Macadamia Natural giveaway with Saving Our Strands and Relaxed Hairapy. I was one of the winners and really appreciate the opportunity to try the products. Thanks again!

    1. Aww No problem and thanks so much for your support! I hope you enjoy your prizes :)

  2. I've tried to be diligent with the jbco for my edges and I've seen improvements.

    1. Thats great! I'm finally starting to see some improvement in mine as well!



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